Hypnobirthing survey results

So firstly a HUGE thankyou to everyone who responded to the hypnobirthing survey, here’s a summary of the results: Who are you? Of 70 respondents, 8% are pregnant, and 85% have children. There was a huge range in responses- many people didn’t know about hypnobirthing, or what it is, but many people have heard of it and know it is a form of pain relief, by way of relaxing. Some had used the techniques, with…

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Moving on from breast is best

I was recently approached by a pregnancy and parenting magazine asking if I would like to advertise with them. I looked through their publication and was really pleased but then I came across an article on “breast is best” which listed all the benefits of breastmilk. Although well intentioned, this article has a really dated approach. Most mothers want to breastfeed, which is why initiation rates are really high. The dramatic drop off though means…

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Optimal cord clamping

What is it? The umbilical cord connects baby to it’s lifeline of the placenta. The cord contains one vein carrying oxygen and nutrient-rich blood from the placenta to the baby, and two arteries which carry carbon dioxide rich blood and waste away from baby to the placenta for purification. Once baby is born it is often routine practice to clamp and cut this cord before the placenta is delivered. Delayed or Optimal cord clamping is…

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Which book to read? My top 5

This will be my 14th year I have been involved with maternity care and I am still very much a student. The more I learn the more I want to know! Plus the changes that happen and the new understandings of information keep me constantly reading and learning. Therefore I have put together a list of my top 5 books that I think are simply incredible classics and I would love everybody to read. I’d…

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Positive birth stories

As soon as someone announces a pregnancy it never seems long before someone wants to tell them a horror story about their own birth or that of their friend’s sister’s mother…

But is this helpful? Well in a word, no!

Women are surrounded by negativity of birth from a young age. From horror stories to TV programmes which normalise dramatic births. As a result, many women are anxious without even feeling a contraction. This leads to what is known as a ‘fear- tension- pain cycle’ and reinforces itself. Just imagine if you planned to run a marathon.. Would you listen to people who tell you how awful it was and it was the worst thing in the world? Or would you seek out success stories, good resources, strong cheer leaders and find all the skills you need to complete the marathon?

Are there any positive birth stories?

Try to remember that for every horror story there are so many positive birth stories. Sadly many women feel the need to offload any negative birth experiences and who better to listen than a new mum?! Someone who has had a great birth experience often doesn’t want to speak up about it for fear of being branded “smug” or “lucky”.

Here are two top tips for you:

  1. Stop the negativity: Politely ask people not to bombard you with their difficult stories. Furthermore, practice the hypnobirthing and relax class exercises which encourage a ‘shield’ to the negativity.
  2. Boost the positivity: Fill up your knowledge bank with positive birth stories. These sites have loads: www.PositiveBirthStories.com and www.positivebirthmovement.org