The importance of Melatonin

Posted by deb on  12th December 2019
One of the hormones you will learn about on a hypnobirthing course is melatonin. The question is- how does this impacts birth? The Importance of Sensory Quiet by Gloria Lemay from #MidwiferyToday “Many births begin in the night. A woman will get up to pee, feel her membranes release and an hour later begin having sensations 15 minutes apart. Because we think of birth as a family experience, most women will wake their husbands to tell

Hypnobirthing survey results

Posted by deb on  21st September 2017
So firstly a HUGE thankyou to everyone who responded to the hypnobirthing survey, here’s a summary of the results: What is hypnobirthing all about? Who are you? Of 70 respondents, 8% are pregnant, and 85% have children. There was a huge range in responses- many people didn’t know about hypnobirthing, or what it is, but many people have heard of it and know it is a form of pain relief, by way of relaxing. Some

Moving on from breast is best

Posted by deb on  9th March 2017
I was recently approached by a pregnancy and parenting magazine asking if I would like to advertise with them. I looked through their publication and was really pleased but then I came across an article on “breast is best” which listed all the benefits of breastmilk. Although well intentioned, this article has a really dated approach. Most mothers want to breastfeed, which is why initiation rates are really high. The dramatic drop off though means

Optimal cord clamping

Posted by deb on  8th March 2017
What is it? The umbilical cord connects baby to it’s lifeline of the placenta. The cord contains one vein carrying oxygen and nutrient-rich blood from the placenta to the baby, and two arteries which carry carbon dioxide rich blood and waste away from baby to the placenta for purification. Once baby is born it is often routine practice to clamp and cut this cord before the placenta is delivered. Delayed or Optimal cord clamping is

Which book to read? My top 5

Posted by deb on  4th March 2017
This will be my 14th year I have been involved with maternity care and I am still very much a student. The more I learn the more I want to know! Plus the changes that happen and the new understandings of information keep me constantly reading and learning. Therefore I have put together a list of my top 5 books that I think are simply incredible classics and I would love everybody to read. I’d


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