Why do people book a hypnobirthing course?


Hope birth goes smooth with no complications

Hope for a calm birth

Hope to have a natural drug free birth

Hope to learn techniques to make it a positive birth

Hope to remove fear of birth


Fear of pain/ tiredness/ panicking

Fear of not coping with labour and birth

Fear of lack of control

Fear of coercion eg GBS, prev PPH

Partner’s thoughts:

Want to help partner stay in calm and in control

Want to be composed and calm myself

Want to be able to help out at birth

Want to better understand what my partner needs


“Thankyou so  much for your help, it really made such a difference.”

“A big thank you for the course you delivered last weekend. It was immensely helpful and reassuring, and we’re both feeling much more confident and optimistic about the birth.”

“We very much appreciate all your help and hope that it helps when baby decides he wants to see the world. Many Thanks”

“Very thorough and easy to understand”

“Presented really well”

“Absolutely recommend”

“Exceeded expectations. Wonderfully personable teaching that always left a calm and serene atmosphere.”

“Perfect balance of course material, visualisation and video clips”

“100% addressed our specific needs”

“Very informative and fantastic content”

“Lovely venue- nice room and location”

“It has made me more confident”

“Definitely recommend”

“Very informative, enjoyed different methods of working/ presentation.”

“Relaxed and unique, enjoyed the scripts.”

“Really loved the venue, very tranquil and peaceful, comfy.”

“I most enjoyed learning positive thoughts about birth, clinical side to birth and facts.”

“Really loved this course and would recommend to anyone who is worried/ anxious or interested in wanting a more positive birth.”

“Will utilise the breathing techniques, positive affirmations, guided relaxations in my hypnobirth.”

“Feel a lot calmer and more confident. Nice that you’re so knowledgeable about birth.”